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Black Majesty - Tomorrowland (8/10) - Australia - 2007

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 60:03
Band homepage: Black Majesty


  1. Forever Damned
  2. Into The Black
  3. Evil In Your Eyes
  4. Tomorrowland
  5. Soldier Of Fortune
  6. Bleeding World
  7. Faces Of War
  8. Wings To Fly
  9. Another Dawn
  10. Scars
  11. Kingdoms (Bonus)
  12. Memories (Bonus)
Black Majesty - Tomorrowland

Oh yes bring on the Power Metal, Aussie style. Third album in and BLACK MAJESTY is showing almighty signs of challenging the muscle and might that Europe and the USA has to offer. If you are in any way connected to the sounds of IRON MAIDEN, PRIMAL FEAR, HAMMERFALL, IRON SAVIOR and GAMMA RAY, then BLACK MAJESTY’S ‘’TomorrowLand’’ is a high priority purchase.


Simply put this is high class Power Metal writ large and overblown. Soaring vocals coupled with rampant riffs and searing solos. Thundering drums and I do mean thundering all join in unison to bring a monstrous Metal sound from down under. S’truth I never knew the Aussie’s had it in them!


Opening with a full tour de force Power Metal classic in the raucous ‘’Forever Damned’’, BLACK MAJESTY may well be too obsequious towards HELLOWEEN with MAIDEN, but as album starts go this is about as good as I’ve heard in a long time. Whatever DRAGONFORCE do BLACK MAJESTY eclipse on the Thrashing power of ‘’Into The Black’’. The technical JAG PANZER/SYMPHONY X tilt of ‘’Evil In Your Eyes’’ unveils a band not content to travel at light speed to get the Metal message across. And in vocalist John Cavaliere they have a singer born into the mould of a towering front man. He might have a bit to go to match such luminaries as Dickinson, Halford and Tate, but he’d give Harry Conklin a good run for his money any day.


It’s obvious the time the band has spent doing the festivals in Europe is reaping staunch rewards. The rich, meaty sound produced via VANISHING’S POINTS' Endel Rivers has added more weight and directness. The sound is compacted but remains highly significant and loud. The cover of Coverdale-era DEEP PURPLE in ‘’Soldier Of Fortune’’ is done moderately well. After all it could never be better than the original but thankfully Metal is soon returned through the MAIDEN-esque ‘’Bleeding World’’ and the fury of ‘’Another Dawn’’ and ‘Scars’’.


So with three albums in five years and with each one getting better, there’s more from these Aussie’s to come. And I didn’t even mention Rolf Harris or AC/DC once!

(Online October 15, 2007)

Chris Doran

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