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Readman, David - s/t (7/10) - Great Britain - 2007

Genre: Melodic Rock / Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing time: 56:30
Band homepage: Readman, David


  1. Without You
  2. Evil Combination
  3. Take These Tears
  4. Don’t Let It Slip Away
  5. No Peace For The Wicked
  6. Long Way To Heaven
  7. Wild In The City
  8. Gentle Touch
  9. Prisoner Of Shame
  10. New Messiah
  11. Over The Ocean
  12. Love In Vain
  13. Don’t Let It Slip Away (Bonus Multimedia Video Track)
Readman, David - s/t

I’ve been a PINK CREAM 69 fan since the beginnings and with the exception of their adventures into more Grunge-y netherworlds after David Readman took over the mic, I’ve been a fan ever since and with the past few albums they’ve been going from strength to strength, so when I saw that Mr. Readman was around with a solo album, I was intrigued, even though in the past releases like this one had more often than not provided me with some disappointment than enthusiasm, but hey, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and here we are.


Contrary to many solo efforts, David actually has written most of the songs on his own, and going with many solo albums on Frontiers Records, he operates mostly in the Melodic Rock/Hard Rock waters, with his strong voice obviously the focal point of the compositions and in the end it is his voice that keeps this album afloat above the genre average, because as well written and performed the songs are, you will not find anything that would surprise you as listener, which is the biggest downside of this CD.


On the one hand we have the a little more powerful tunes such as “Without You”, “Wild In The City” or “Prisoner Of Shame”, which remind me a bit of PC 69, while the softer and at times more spheric songs of the likes of “Evil Combination”, “No Peace For The Wicked” or the very interesting “New Messiah” also know how to convince, so technically I can’t really complain about any of these tracks, if they were offering anything that would mark them as original, as some bit of a challenge or anything like that (if you discount that David’s voice itself has its very own character).


Produced by band colleague Dennis Ward the production side is absolutely fantastic, clear, warm, powerful, the way it should be, so if you enjoy the Pinkies and some of the Frontiers roster, then David Readman’s solo debut will be right up your alley, if not, then steer clear, very clear…

(Online October 5, 2007)

Alexander Melzer

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