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Thin Lizzy - Life (Live) (10/10) - Ireland - 1983

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Vertigo/Phonogram
Playing time: 48:56/48:47
Band homepage: -


CD 1:
  1. Thunder And Lightning
  2. Waiting For An Alibi
  3. Jailbreak
  4. Baby Please Don't Go
  5. Holy War
  6. Renegade
  7. Hollywood
  8. Got To Give It Up
  9. Angel Of Death
  10. Are You Ready
CD 2:
  1. Boys Are Back In Town
  2. Cold Sweat
  3. Don't Believe A Word
  4. Killer On The Loose
  5. Sun Goes Down
  6. Emerald
  7. Black Rose
  8. Still In Love With You
  9. The Rocket
Thin Lizzy - Life (Live)
Personally, I love live records, especially live records of bands, which have released more than six albums, because, you can't get a better image of the abilities of a band. Besides classics like "Live At Hammersmith", "Live After Death" or "Tokyo Tapes", this "Life (Live)" album of THIN LIZZY, which they recorded on their farewell tour, belongs to the sidereal hours of my collection. 19 killers, parted on a double-CD, have to be in every collection.

Maybe, the younger fans know the bands' name through the (laughable) METALLICA cover of "Whiskey In The Jar", which is unfortunately not on this record, but this will be caught up by the other songs. To highlight a song, is just idiocy, as every song is a great hymn. Even so, I want to represent my personal highlights, here we go:

"Holy War", a midtempo banger, with a rightly ingenious, simple chorus and a great guitar working, then the epic "Angel Of Death", which drives straightforward. Watch out for the keyboard solo in the middle part, just mad! And then "Boys Are Back In Town", I don't have to say anything about it, because everybody knows this song. The song is followed by "Cold Sweat", which was also covered by SODOM, it's a breaker, the cover is nothing against this one, one MUST heard this!!! Or take the fast "Killers On The Loose" or "Sun Goes Down", which was covered by SINNER (on "Nature Of Evil"), it's still giving me goose-bumps! Not to forget is the jaunty "The Rocker", which was praised on RAVEN's "Glow"-record.

Oh, let me tell you, every single song is a piece of goddamn Rock history, it's necessary for everybody. The word "nonplusultra" is an understatement for this album! (Online October 11, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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