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Autumn Tears - The Hallowing (5/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Gothic
Label: Dark Symphonies
Playing time: 42:35
Band homepage: Autumn Tears


  1. Dies Irae
  2. Keep Me Here
  3. Spirit
  4. A Joyless Occasion
  5. Thrush And Wake
  6. Yearning For The Tide
  7. The Funeral Bazaar
  8. Canticle
  9. The Last King Falls
  10. The Hallowing
Autumn Tears - The Hallowing

You’ll notice that I’ve only labelled AUTUMN TEARS as “Gothic”, not “Gothic Rock” or “Gothic Metal”. To put it simply, this is due to the complete absence of guitars, drums, bass, and anything else that would actually make this band a Rock band. Instead, it contains a solid forty-five minutes of a female opera singer chanting with an orchestra in the background. I have no clue how something like this ended up in my inbox, but what the hell, I’ll review it anyway.


While most Goth bands take influences from HIM or NIGHTWISH, AUTUMN TEARS draw inspiration from a few “elder statesmen” of the Classical genre, namely Bach, Hayden, and Mahler. Surprisingly enough, they’re also not from Finland, but rather from sunny Massachusetts. Yes, this is one weird band, if you can even label them as a “band”.


“The Hallowing” shows a band in transition, as AUTUMN TEARS have decided to shed their previous styles of Gothic/Darkwave/Neoclassical in favour of a much more straightforward Chamber Music style. They still retain a good portion of their Gothic sensibilities, however, as the title “The Hallowing” would suggest. However, the very light-hearted orchestra kind of offsets the gloomy vocals, giving off an odd feeling, kind of like a battle has just been fought, and “The Hallowing” is the funeral dirge, triumphant, yet sad. Surprisingly, I did enjoy parts of the album, even though it’s not my style at all (more my mother’s style, to be honest). I may be a metalhead, but I can still appreciate some good ol’ Opera if I’m in the mood. The record drags on after a while, however; one can only take so much chanting. 

I don’t think I could really recommend this record to any readers of a Metal webzine, but if you’re into soprano vocalists ala NIGHTWISH, and you like a good orchestra, and you despise guitars, bass, drums, and other heathen, Satanic instruments, then you might as well give AUTUMN TEARS a spin. It’s not bad as far as Classical stuff goes, but it’s slow as hell, so you may get bored pretty quickly.

(Online November 1, 2007)

Mitchel Betsch

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