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Katatonia - Katatonia - Live Consternation (-/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Gothic Metal / Alternative Metal
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 51:51
Band homepage: Katatonia


  1. Leaders
  2. Wealth
  3. Soil's Song
  4. Had To (Leave)
  5. Cold Ways
  6. Right into the Bliss
  7. Ghost of the Sun
  8. Criminals
  9. Deliberation
  10. July
  11. Evidence
Katatonia - Katatonia - Live Consternation

16 years after their first demo “Rehearsal”, Swedish KATATONIA finally are releasing a live album, so contrary to other bands, which only release two albums before throwing one of those onto the market, it took them seven full albums to do so, so there is no stale aftertaste of trying to make quick money here…


“Live Consternation” is a recording of their gig at the 2006 edition of the Summerbreeze Festival, now available both on CD and DVD, consisting of 11 songs, which mostly concentrate on the newer albums, we get one track off “Discouraged Ones”, two from “Tonight’s Decision” and four each off the latest two albums “Viva Emptiness” and “The Great Cold Distance”, leaving me somewhat disappointed that they are completely ignoring their beginnings, but well, seems as if they are beyond that…


Apart from the slightly unsatisfying setlist (yes, I still think that the Swedes had their heyday before the time they feature on this compilation and there are other tracks missing as well, such as “Teargas” or “Saw You Drown”), both visual and sound of the disc(s) are very satisfying, as the sound is clear and powerful and the video part shows good directing and also a very good light show, which in the end at least partly makes up for the missing songs.


If you are a fan of KATATONIA (and with that I mean newer KATATONIA), then “Live Consternation” is a must, if you are not, well, you should have an affinity for dark, bleak and not too heavy songs, then you might become the latest fan of the band…

(Online October 15, 2007)

Alexander Melzer

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