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Satan's Host - Burning The Born Again (A New Philosophy) (3/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Moribund Records
Playing time: 76:34
Band homepage: Satan's Host


  1. Sulfuric Stardust
  2. Ecliptic Equinox
  3. Sinners In Sanctuary
  4. H.E.L.L.
  5. A Darkmoon Gathering
  6. A New Philosophy
  7. Burning The Born Again
  8. The Unholy Sabbath
  9. Satanic Magisterium
  10. Inner-Voice Gem
  11. Inverted Jesus
  12. Crypt
  13. Satan’s Host
  14. Inside The Castle Of Euphoric Blasphemy
  15. Luciferian Law Evoked
Satan's Host - Burning The Born Again (A New Philosophy)

SATAN’S HOST should have released a single instead of a full-length release.


“Satanic Magisterium” delivers what no other track on “Burning The Born Again” can: a masterful composition of great riffs and catchy drum work. The track offers more drive and feel in its opening verses than the cumulative remainder of the disc, and even the chanting background vocals during the chorus cannot crush the song’s momentum. Fantastic cymbal work and double bass provide plenty of hooks, and some brief lead offerings accentuate the musicians’ ability to perform at a high level. The remainder of the release unfortunately tells a different story.


Several tracks on “Burning The Born Again” contain rusty scrapings from the bottom of the Black Metal barrel. “H.E.L.L.” and “A Darkmoon Gathering” kill the momentum established in the opening tracks and “Luciferian Law Evoked” concludes the effort with a series of Satanic chants under raspy mutterings. The interim of the release contains few noteworthy moments and absolutely no surprises (other than a few chanting passages that add to the cheese factor of the release while detracting from its integrity).


All in all, six of the seventy-six and a half minutes contained on “Burning The Born Again” deserve discovery. The rest deserve storage in the studio vaults with a limited shelf life prior to incineration.

(Online November 7, 2007)

Dustin Hathaway

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