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Toranaga - God's Gift (8/10) - Great Britain - 1990

Genre: Power Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Chrysalis
Playing time: 47:02
Band homepage: -


  1. The Shrine
  2. Psychotic
  3. Sword Of Damocles
  4. Hammer To The Skull
  5. Food Of The Gods
  6. Disciples
  7. Last Breath Of Life
  8. Black Is The Mask
  9. Execution
Toranaga - God's Gift
After an EP, published by Peaceville Records, in 1990 followed the first (and only one) full-length album of the English Power Metal band TORANAGA at Chrysalis Records. The CD offers very good, partly fast, partly Doom-like but mostly mid-tempo banger stuff of the old school.

Take the opener "The Shrine" for example, which begins very slow, then slightly pushes the pedal and then this game starts again. This song could also be on the first OVERKILL album. "Psychotic" begins slowly, too, with some acoustic stuff, then it's getting jaunty and it pleases with its arrangements. The absolute highlight is the hammer song "Hammer To The Skull", which is so catchy, the great riffs and the simple chorus makes this one to a little hymn. With "Last Breath Of Life", there is also a short instrumental given.

To explain the music seems very difficult, but one thing is sure, you should invest much time because this is no Easy Listening music but also no Progressive-stuff. I would recommend this to fans of "Feel The Fire" (OVERKILL) and HOLY TERROR's "Terror And Submission", just as TORANAGA's vocalist seems like a mixture of the both frontmen of the former called combos. But also worshipper of SATAN/PARIAH should try to get this record. (Online October 17, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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