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Dark Sanctuary - De Lumière Et D’Obscurité (0/10) - France - 2000/2007

Genre: Dark Wave
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 72:43
Band homepage: Dark Sanctuary


  1. Préludia
  2. De Lumière Et D'Obscurité
  3. Le Paradis Noir
  4. Rêve Mortuaire
  5. Cet Enfer Au Paradis
  6. La Chute De L'Ange
  7. Interludia
  8. Au Milieu Des Sépultures
  9. Ordre Et Decadence
  10. Les Entrailles De Ce Purgatoire
  11. Funérailles
  12. Que Mon Dernier Soupir M'Emporte
Dark Sanctuary - De Lumière Et D’Obscurité

What is this? Seriously. Maybe I’m the odd one out, and maybe I don’t get the whole Gothic Darkwave thing, but jeez, seventy-two minutes of a woman chanting with barely any modern accompaniment? Hold the phone, Charles; that’s some seriously powerful shit.


DARK SANCTUARY describe themselves as “funeral music”. I don’t know what kind of sadistic, depressed psycho would want to listen to the dirge that accompanies someone being lowered into the motherfucking ground, but hey, if you’re that person, then “De Lumière Et D’Obscurité” is the record for you (I’m going to stop typing the record’s full name now, since all those accent marks are interrupting my typing flow).


Simply put, there is absolutely nothing to draw you into this record, and certainly not for the Metal fan. This stuff is slow, boring, and generally considered unfit for human enjoyment. I realize it was probably DARK SANCTUARY’s plan to make a slow and boring record that would never appeal to any kind of music demographic, and they’ve succeeded admirably in reaching this goal, but man, why would you even want to do something like that?


I’m aware that Metal can be slow; it’s called Doom Metal, and it’s not my cup of tea, but I respect it as a valid subgenre of Metal. Let’s make it clear, ladies and gentlemen: DARK SANCTUARY are not Metal. They seem to not have any instruments beyond some synths and percussion; the former helps to suck the life out of the music even more, and the latter is almost ignorable in light of how effectively it’s used. 


A little while ago, I received a promo from AUTUMN TEARS which was similar to this: operatic female vocals, minimal guitar/bass/drum accompaniment, dark themes, the whole shebang. However, the AUTUMN TEARS record was about a million times better than this, mostly due to the fact that I could actually recognize vague melodies in a few of the songs. DARK SANCTUARY possess none of that; this record is a jumbled mess of funeral-opera-God-knows-what.

So ends my rant. Thank you, DARK SANCTUARY, for enveloping me so wholly in a frothing rage that I must now expend it by opening my front door and then closing it immediately thereafter. Fear my wrath.

(Online November 13, 2007)

Mitchel Betsch

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