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Satyricon - The Shadowthrone (10/10) - Norway - 1994

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Moonfog Productions
Playing time: 48:58
Band homepage: Satyricon


  1. Kvite Krists Død
  2. In The Mist By The Hills
  3. Woods To Eternity
  4. Vikingland
  5. Dominions Of Satyricon
  6. The King Of The Shadowthrone
  7. I En Svart Kiste
Satyricon - The Shadowthrone
The second longplayer of the Norwegian SATYRICON is an unbelievable great and creative masterpiece. It's one of the five most important Black Metal Releases of the new age! Their debut "Dark Medieval Times" (1994) had already been a mighty work, but this album surpasses it.

Full of evilness, Satyr cries out his hate against christianity. The songmaterial itself is more a in middle area but it leaves some place for wild eruptions (blasts). The mixture of BATHORY-like Black, little Folk and real conviction makes this record to an example for pure Nordic Metal in perfection.

The songs are altogether filled with breathtaking and also beautifully melancholic passages with acoustic guitars and synthesizers. The record demonstrates impressively why SATYRICON were on the top of the Norwegian scene. But I doubt, that they are this still today. The last output "Rebel Extravaganza" was too far away from the bands' roots, although the album had been good.

We have to await their new record "Volcano", which shall be released this year, then we will be more cutely! Everybody, who loves Black Metal, must know this album! (Online October 18, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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