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Virgin Steele - Magick Fire Music (7,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: T&T
Playing time: 30:58
Band homepage: Virgin Steele


  1. Wings Of Vengeance
  2. Flames Of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise)
  3. Prometheus The Fallen One
  4. Gate Of Kings
  5. Agamemnon's Last Hour (Silver Sided Death)
  6. Great Sword Of Flame
Virgin Steele - Magick Fire Music
The appetiser for the second part of the "Atreus"-album is a 6-track-MCD, with three already known tracks in demo-versions and three new compositions. The three "old" ones are "Prometheus The Fallen One", "Gate Of Kings" and "Great Sword Of Flame", which are featured in much more rough, less orchestral versions here, which does them good.

The opening "Wings Of Vengeance" and "Flames Of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise)", clearly stand in tradition of the first part of the "Atreus"-works, but unfortunately both suffer from the very powerless production, which takes away much force from drums and guitars. "Wings Of Vengeance" is a very catchy song again and could have stood on the "Marriage"-albums as well as "Atreus 1", while "Flames Of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise)" is less orchestral, more guitar-oriented and has a certain "Invictus"-flair around it.

"Agamemnon's Last Hour (Silver Sided Death)" then is an interlude with piano, keyboard and DeFeis' really high-pitched voice.

Overall you get nearly 31 minutes of playing time, which is much for a mini-CD, and the songs are convincing, too, just with the powerless sound I hope that it will get better for "Atreus 2".

Alexander Melzer

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