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Intestinal Disgorge - Vagina (7,5/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Humanos Mortos
Playing time: 35:00
Band homepage: Intestinal Disgorge


  1. Bitch I'm Drunk
  2. Bea Arthur Porn Party
  3. Castrated Corpse
  4. Basement Sex Slave
  5. Endless Sadistic Torture
  6. Boiled Skulls On The Stove
  7. Bloated Strangled Corpse
  8. Slut Honey
  9. Unregistered Sex Offender
  10. Fat Dirty Pink Pussy
  11. Cum Whore
  12. Bi-Curious George
  13. Scrotal Skin Ski Mask
  14. Sean Hannity Scat Fantasy
  15. Fag Filled Furnace
  16. Crossing Cocks With Koppel
  17. Triple Cock Piss Shower
  18. Eating John Stamos' Pussy
  19. A Bloated Corpse Basted With Semen
  20. The Libertine
  21. Knee deep In Maggots And Corpses
  22. I Have Been Told You Have A Nice Ass
  23. I Came, I Saw, I Came
  24. Hotel She-Male Threesome
  25. Bra Of Amputated Breasts
  26. Fuck Oprah
  27. Women - The Other Worthless Meat
  28. Marry Me Bitch
  29. Bound, Gagged And Beaten To Death
  30. Waking Up To A Warm Glass Of Piss
  31. Spermsoaked Tranny Whore
  32. Cokewhore Concubine
  33. Emphesemic Granny Tranny
  34. You Are Nothing But A Cum Rag
  35. Pimp Ass Gimp Mask
  36. Eruption Of Putrid Digestive Juices
  37. Pre-Teen Piss Princess
  38. Granny Whore Hand Job
  39. A Backyard Full Of Buried Hookers
  40. Exhumed And Sexually Assaulted
  41. A Mouth Stuffed With Cocks
  42. A Moment Alone
  43. Kill Her
  44. Shit-Smeared Fag Corpse
  45. The Upside-Downing Of The Cross
  46. Worm-Eaten Severed Heads
  47. Gagged With Piss-Soaked Panties
  48. College Pussy
  49. I Will Kill Every Motherfucker In This Place
  50. I'm Naked
  51. Molested Hipster Bitch
  52. I'm Going To Fuck Your Kid
  53. The Bludgeoning Of The Cow
  54. I Stabbed Your Fucking Husband To Death
  55. Tongue My Ass
  56. I Fed My Wife Through A Woodchipper
  57. Randy Is A Faggot
  58. I Ditched My Bitch In A Ditch
  59. Pussy Gristle
  60. I Like My Women Lile I Like My Eggs – Beaten
  61. God Help Me
  62. Twenty Two Stab Wounds
  63. Deviant Sex Acts
Intestinal Disgorge - Vagina

I can imagine it now, when the you-can't-do-that's get a sniff of this, they'll certainly splutter over the splatter that INTESTINAL DISGORGE have puked forth. The raised eyebrow brigade are going to get in a flap over “Vagina.”

A quick perusal of the tracklist tells you all you need to know about this album, 63 filth flavoured tracks in just over half an hour acquaints with strafing Grind delivered with all the finesse of a Mexican Sunrise the morning after a bad night before. Clearly mischief plays its part amongst the hate everything subject matter, though I think anyone remotely PC in viewpoint is likely to be choking rather than cheering along.

The music itself is belaboured by the problems most associated with countless tracks of minimal length, mainly that there is little time for a song to lodge itself in your head before it grinds to a halt and gives way to the next slab of sonic abuse. There are bucks to this trend; “Spermsoaked Tranny Whore” manages to add twist to the already screwed headshot that this track is, though the signature carpetbomb delivery still takes precedence. As you would expect, these tracks pile by thick, fast and foetid, they leave a foul taste in your mouth and no amount of scrubbing with bleach afterwards is going to get rid of the itchy skin. The guitars are heavier than a skipful of dead hookers and alternate between pounding Punk and gouging Grind riffs, tempos vary between a zombie crawl and run from the gun full-pelt, there's plenty of sick groove in between but the velocimeter tends towards the redline.

Along with the nasty, there is the unhinged. The vocals on “Vagina” are rabid to say the least, screams and gurns, sewer grunts and wrecked rants all point to a chemical imbalance in the brain and festering fluids shorting synapses. Sometimes they get too leary and border on self-parody but, given the subject matter and delivery, are hardly fatal to the cause, you can't take these daft lads too seriously. Bridging the gap from the relatively regimented guitar to the whack-a-mole throat fucking are the drums, they match the guitar in their pacing, often it's full on blast but equally its a frisky gallop or marking time during the stagnant stages. The bass often chooses to just provide a pissed off rumbling, clearly evident but mainly giving a bottom end foundation for the carnage to bounce along, that said, it also pokes out like a turtle's head and snaps away with abandon, especially when the fury abates somewhat.

True to any Porn/Gore Grind album there is a littering of samples, thankfully they are brief and mostly relevant, some will also raise a smile. What they also do is ensure that the listener is left under no illusions what INTESTINAL DISGORGE are banging on about, if for instance, like me, you don't usually read tracklists. Given the plethora of bands that retch up this sort of bile, the question is do this lot raise their heads above the parapet? Well, clearly they don't pussy-foot about, their intent is focussed even if there are elements that sound oblivious to it, the racket they make attracts as much as the subject matter repulses, it's played tight, if a little ragged, I've certainly heard flabia attempts elsewhere.

Ultimately “Vagina” is an album made by twats for twats, something to get your sticky mitts on then.

(Online December 8, 2007)

Niall MacCartney

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