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Dublin Death Patrol - DDP 4 Life (8/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Godfodder Records
Playing time: 53:12
Band homepage: Dublin Death Patrol


  1. R.I.P.
  2. Unnatural Causes
  3. Mentally Unstable
  4. Pigs In The Hollow
  5. DDP For Life
  6. Sid Vicious
  7. Iron Fist (Motorhead Cover)
  8. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy Cover)
  9. Lights Out (UFO Cover)
  10. Trail Of The Executioner
  11. Devil In Disguise
  12. Corruption
Dublin Death Patrol - DDP 4 Life

For fans of Bay Area Thrash Metal (more specifically the not so widely known bands) DUBLIN DEATH PATROL is as close to a super group as you are going to get. Firstly, I'll make this point - this album is not the best Thrash album ever, despite all the talented members and bands represented here. Secondly, this album was more or less completed for the fun of the members and really should be taken as such. Not really a "serious" band or album and if this is taken with a light heart then DUBLIN DEATH PATROL is awesome.

Also, the album is not balls out Thrash. It's still very Thrash in it's conception but there is still quite a bit of groove orientation and melody added to the mix that give the album more of a modern Thrash feel then classic 80s Bay Area. Fans of the 80s scene are still going to revel in this release and it is worthy for a buy.

The guitar work is well performed and written although there isn't a whole lot of variety present on the album. There are great Thrash riffs present along with some very catchy leads and solos. Even though the band has some 4 guitar players in the band credits (a whopping 11 members are credited with plenty giving guest performances on it too) one would think their would be quite a bit of variety in the guitar tone or sound and writing style but really its all quite similarly paced, played, and styled. When there is a bit of variety ("Devil In Disguise") it’s a nice change of pace and those tracks have a tendency to really stand out as some of the better tracks.

The bass and drums (despite once again multiple people credited) are not very diverse. The bass is, in Thrash fashion, almost indistinguishable from the rest of the music even when there is a bass line intro that can of helps you look for the bass. The drums are grand and professional although nothing that is going to blow your mind. It works well for the music and is performed as such. Don't be surprised if you find yourself expecting a little more but being disappointed.

The best this about DUBLIN DEATH PATROL is hearing Chuck Billy and Steve Souza performing side by side and displaying their amazing Thrash vocals. Billy performs his slightly more guttural vocals (think “Low” era TESTAMENT) whereas Souza performs his unique style of vocal abilities. Hearing them sing together in unison is a sound to behold and I relished in every minute of it. Whether taking turns or singing together, the vocals are definitely the high point of DUBLIN DEATH PATROL.

I think it should also be mentioned that the three covers the album are really well done and the album should be heard just for these covers. All three are classic songs and hearing them presented in this manner is amazing.

”DDP 4 Life” (by the ways - the title is awful. I hate when bands use numbers for words. Don't let the title fool you) is not quite as I was hoping it was going to be when I first heard of the project. It's good but I definitely had really high expectations for it and it didn't match those.

Songs to check out: “DDP For Life”, “Trail Of The Executioner”, “Devil In Disguise”.

(Online December 9, 2007)

Matt Reifschneider

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