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Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil (8,5/10) - Norway - 2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nocturnal Art Productions
Playing time: 59:01
Band homepage: Limbonic Art


  1. A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories
  2. A Void Of Lifeless Dreams
  3. Grace By Torments
  4. Infernal Phantom Kingdom
  5. Legacy Of Evil
  6. Lycanthropic Tales
  7. Nebulous Dawn
  8. Seven Doors Of Death
  9. Twilight Omen
  10. Unleashed From Hell
Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil

It can sometimes be difficult to get excited over a Black Metal release. There are countless bands doing the same thing that other, better bands were doing ten years ago. LIMBONIC ART, with slime-soaked scythe in hand, cuts through these hordes of pretenders to craft their own misanthropic vision of the genre. “Legacy Of Evil” displays just about everything that is enjoyable and fun (yes, fun) about Black Metal. It is skillfully made and, from the band’s point of view, deadly serious, yet it is over-the-top enough that it approaches the ridiculous…and ridiculously enjoyable. 


LIMBONIC ART is, without a doubt, a collection of highly skilled musicians and the band members are eager to display their abilities, both in writing and in playing their brand of Black Metal. The interplay between guitar and keyboard on “A Void Of Lifeless Dreams” is absolutely stellar, while the rapid-fire riffs come with as much force as a pack of blood-hungry wolves (wearing spikes and painted black, of course). The next track, “Grace By Torment,” in contrast, is a deliberately slow trudge through mire-like Black Metal; a genuinely delicious evil experience. Much of the album spends its time varying between this deliberate pace and the more intense chainsaw guitars that dominate the genre. LIMBONIC ART’s varying onslaught increase the power of both spectrums of their sound as neither extreme is drowned out in monotony, a common downfall of Black Metal. “Lycanthropic Tales” even features a choral arrangement, an addition that actually adds to the intense and epic quality of the music.


This is one of the highlights of 2007 as far as Black Metal is concerned (or Metal in general, for that matter).  For anyone on a gleefully malevolent quest for quality Metal, LIMBONIC ART’s “Legacy of Evil” is where to look.  

(Online December 12, 2007)

John Arminio

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