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Sacred Steel - Bloodlust (6,5/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 43:44
Band homepage: Sacred Steel


  1. Stormhammer
  2. The Oath Of Blood
  3. By The Wrath Of The Unborn
  4. Blood On My Steel
  5. Metal Is War
  6. Sacred Warriors Of Steel
  7. Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate
  8. Master Of Thy Fate
  9. Lust For Blood
  10. Throne Of Metal
Sacred Steel - Bloodlust

So here they are again, Germany's "truest" band: SACRED STEEL. Titled "Bloodlust", they offer their third output and just like before are living out each cliche there can be.

The songs surely are good, especially the fast "Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate" or the MANOWAR-like "Master Of Thy Fate", but still it is nothing that would make them stand out from the legions of other Power Metal-bands.

Well, if they understood themselves as a parody of the partly very narrow-minded attitude of some people, SACRED STEEL would be close to invincible, but as a serious band, I really have some problems with them. Not to conjure up any misunderstandings: I don't see this band as a joke or as hopeless, no, no, but the music, just like said before, is nothing extraordinary, the choruses a bit dumb and Gerrit's voice always has been and always will be a 'love it or hate it'-thing.

I already can hear many True Metallers howling in agony, already toying with the thought of mailing me some bomb-letters, but if I put in a Power Metal-CD, then it says ICED EARTH, LEFAY or GAMMA RAY on the cover, not SACRED STEEL...

Alexander Melzer

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