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Stillborn - Manifiesto De Blasfemia (6,5/10) - Poland - 2007

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Pagan Records
Playing time: 35:35
Band homepage: Stillborn


  1. Harbinger Of Evil
  2. Infernal Goat Worship
  3. Seeds Of Doom
  4. Preliminary Dirge
  5. Nekromassakr: Death´s Coronation
  6. Die Fuckers
  7. Angel Ripper
  8. Manifiesto De Blasfemia
  9. Natural Born Destroyers
  10. Pest: Ravager Of Humanity
  11. Blood And Conflagration
Stillborn - Manifiesto De Blasfemia

Fresh off from an epic yawning experience with labelmates REVELATION OF DOOM, my ears are now focused on STILLBORN´s second album “Manifiesto De Blasfemia”.


After expecting another dosage of boredom, I must admit that these guys sound better than R.O.D. when unleashing their anti-Christian themed Death Metal (which is kind of standard when you´re on Pagan Records), even though there´s still enough of this Black Metal juvenile grimness that, in my opinion, just doesn´t benefit anything good (or evil) when mixed with Death Metal.


What can I say? There´s obviously traces of Thrash, Black and Death Metal everywhere, executed with fierce underground mentality and sickening vocals (plus some poor clean ones), some people will like it and some will hate it. As with prior mentioned label colleagues, the lack of varied song writing and interesting ideas in general, ultimately makes this album easy to listen to and even more easy to forget. I´ll say there are a few explosive eruptions of gritty Death/Black Metal fury that really gets the blood pumping, but weighing those next to the many dull moments makes up for an uneventful listening experience you don´t wanna go through again.


If you´re into the likes of NIFELHEIM or “Panzer Division...” era MARDUK, and other bands serving the horned one, make your way to “Manifiesto De Blasfemia”.

(Online December 30, 2007)

Frodi Stenberg

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