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Evile - Enter The Grave (10/10) - Great Britain - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 52:55
Band homepage: Evile


  1. Enter The Grave
  2. Thrasher
  3. First Blood
  4. Man Against Machine
  5. Burned Alive
  6. Killer From The Deep
  7. We Who Are About To Die
  8. Schizophrenia
  9. Bathe In Blood
  10. Armoured Assault
Evile - Enter The Grave

As I am sure you have all seen by now, the Thrash Revival Movement (as I love to call it) is well under way and the amount of new Thrash bands being signed is absolutely stunning. Granted with this new found ‘fad’ in Thrash Metal, there are going to be a lot of mediocre bands to get signed and the gems of genre are going to be harder to find. Luckily, with the initial releases of Thrash there have been plenty of good albums to hit the shelves. BLOOD TSUNAMI, WARBRINGER, BONDED BY BLOOD all have unleashed stellar releases recently. Now EVILE will join the ranks with the release of their debut album, “Enter The Grave”. 


“Enter The Grave” is still contemporary Thrash Metal in its production values and performances but truly has the heart of 80s Thrash. EVILE use a combination of TESTAMENT inspired riffs, SLAYER inspired song structures, and VENOM inspired vocals to unveil a new brand of nostalgic Thrash Metal that is sure to please every metalhead. 


The guitars flurry through smashing riff after smashing riff as if there were no tomorrow without ever dropping one too early or becoming too repetitive. The leads are expertly placed for catchy melodies and punctuation purposes and the solos may not be the fastest or most technical I’ve heard, but nothing to shake a stick at. EVILE aren’t afraid to vary the tempo either. The Roman gladiator inspired track, “We Who Are About To Die”, starts with a great melodic intro and moves into a slower sinister groove and by the end of the track reach Thrash Metal fury. The bass and drum work compliment this role of groove in the songs almost perfectly and really keep the music grounded during the faster parts.


Personally, I happen to love the vocal sound on this album. Matt Drake, who also plays rhythm guitar, sounds so much like Cronos (VENOM) that I had a friend who thought it was a new VENOM song. And for a VENOM fan as I am, this is something I instantly latched onto for the album.


EVILE really hit the nail on the head with their debut “Enter The Grave”. It doesn’t surprise me that this album is the talk of the internet lately. The fact of the matter is that EVILE write insanely catchy Thrash Metal that is a perfect balance of new and old. They never miss a beat and every song on the album is a great track. Along with BLOOD TSUNAMI this is one of the best new Thrash bands of the year.


Songs to check out: “Thrasher”, “Bathe In Blood”, “Armoured Assault”. 

(Online December 26, 2007)

Matt Reifschneider

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