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After Forever - Prison Of Desire (9/10) - Netherlands - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Transmission Records
Playing time: 54:05
Band homepage: After Forever


  1. Mea Culpa
  2. Leaden Legacy
  3. Semblance Of Confusion
  4. Black Tomb
  5. Follow In The Cry
  6. Silence From Afar
  7. Inimical Chimera
  8. Tortuous Threnody
  9. Yield To Temptation
  10. Ephemeral
  11. Beyond Me
After Forever - Prison Of Desire
As you didn't know where to tread to avoid stepping onto a Gothic Metal-band a while ago, the flood has receded almost as quickly as it had come. A part of the bands has changed a lot (THE GATHERING), has vanished (too many to mention) or still is around (TRISTANIA, THE SINS OF THY BELOVED, ORPHANAGE).
Maybe this is a reason why I like "Prison Of Desire," the debut of the Dutch AFTER FOREVER, so much. Maybe, also, because the first song has fascinated me so much that the rest of the album had not been so important anymore...
This first track is titled "Mea Culpa" and has more atmosphere than 100 Gothic-CDs combined. Dark keyboards with a male choir and also choir-like female-vocals... You really can see an old monastery in the evening-fog, devoid of all humans, just with this song...
This male choir also can be found in the following "Leaden Legacy", which offers slow-paced Gothic Metal, reminiscent of TRISTANIA, where Floor Janssen's fragile yet powerful vocals take the leading role, but also Death-vox build a contrast, underlaid with classically influenced music.
Following this, you can find Gothic Metal in near-perfection, sometimes emotional and quite, sometimes reaching surprising heaviness. Apart from the already mentioned tracks you should listen to "Follow In The Cry" or "Yield To Temptation" to fall under the sway of this album.
So who cannot await the new TRISTANIA-album anymore and craves for new, high-quality nutrition for his ears, should go for "Prison Of Desire"!

Alexander Melzer

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