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Kataklysm - Shadows And Dust (8,5/10) - Canada - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 40:21
Band homepage: Kataklysm


  1. In Shadows And Dust
  2. Beyond Salvation
  3. Illuminati
  4. Chronicles Of The Damned
  5. Bound In Chains
  6. Where The Enemy Sleeps
  7. Centuries (Beneath The Dark Waters)
  8. Years Of Enlightment-Decades In Darkness
Kataklysm - Shadows And Dust
Canada's purveyors of hyper blast Metal return to assault what senses you have left after listening to a wide range of Metal bands. KATAKLYSM have matured musically and lyrically with each release. After conquering the hyper blast/Grind scene, they have moved on toward Death Metal and stepping down just a tad from the hyper scene, but proving to be just as heavy and deadly as ever.

"Epic" which was their last release proved to be quite a joy to listen to and they continue with "Shadows And Dust". Maurizio has gone from the grindy vokills that were hard to decipher to Death Metal which is a bit more clear (not much more). The guys have also added some melody here which is quite nice to break up the insanity which can be heard on "Beyond Salvation". The melody doesn't water down their sound, but rather catches the listener off guard for a minute.

They play hard and fast, slow it down for a second during the solo and then like a sucker punch from Mike Tyson, they get back to business. Each track proves to be just as raw and abrasive as before and do it with accuracy.

The band hasn't lost their feel or sound. They are just trying to be dynamic and different with each release without sacrificing their roots and I still believe that they know where they come from and that will never change. Maturity is what this band is all about. (Online October 23, 2002)

Joe Florez

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