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Sinamore - Seven Sins A Second (7/10) - Finland - 2007

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 43:40
Band homepage: Sinamore


  1. Outro
  2. Better Alone >mp3
  3. Silence So Loud >mp3
  4. Dressed In Light
  5. Frozen Mile
  6. The Burning Frame
  7. Everything Ends
  8. Unbreakable Calm
  9. Far From A Dream
  10. Eyes Of May
Sinamore - Seven Sins A Second

If you don’t favor Finnish Gothic Rock/Metal, ala CHARON, HIM, etc., stop reading now, as there’s nothing here for you. The rest of you…please read on.


SINAMORE, as implied above, are from Finland and play the increasingly popular style of Gothic Metal that most either love or hate. The music is both melancholic and rocking at the same time, and stays focused on a pretty dark, self-loathing path. Fans of the genre should expect nothing less. “Seven Sins A Second” picks up right where the band’s debut left off, but is a definite step above that album. Whereas both albums are pretty generic in the genre, “Seven Sins A Second” is a step up in the song-writing department. The debut was an okay album while it was playing, but left absolutely nothing behind when it ended. While “Seven Sins…” still lacks a bit in the memorability department, there are several standout moments and catchy songs, most notably “Better Alone”, “The Burning Frame” and “Everything Ends”.


Sonically, “Seven Sins A Second” sounds great. The production is crisp and clean, and noticeably heavier than the debut. The “heaviness” is in the eye of the beholder of course, but with keeping the genre in mind, the songwriting, coupled with the production, make “Seven Sins…” more of a Metal album and less of a Rock album. If you’ve heard CHARON’s “The Dying Daylights”, it’s a pretty good point of reference soundwise (if you haven’t heard it, but like the style, go check it out).

All in all, “Seven Sins A Second” is a solid Gothic Metal album that should fit perfectly in the collections of those who enjoy the genre. The album isn’t what I would call a triumph of the style by any means, but it’s still good to see SINAMORE heading in the right direction.

(Online January 11, 2008)

Eric Vieth

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