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Lunar Aurora - Weltengänger (7,5/10) - Germany - 1996/2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Mercenary Musik
Playing time: 47:37
Band homepage: Lunar Aurora


  1. Grabgesänge
  2. Rebirth Of An Ancient Empire
  3. Flammende Male
  4. Into The Secrets Of The Moon
  5. Schwarze Rosen
  6. Conqueror Of The Ember Moon
Lunar Aurora - Weltengänger
The title of the CD translates into "Wanderer Of The Worlds" just in case you were wondering. LUNAR AURORA bring back Black Metal into the spotlight again the way it was meant to be played: cold and heartless (The CD had originally been released in Germany in 1996. - Alex).

However, they use very minimal orchestration, chants and such. They aren't following any trends here, but rather going back to the roots of evil like DARKTHRONE. The six songs presented here are long pieces, but are crafted well and filled with evil and despise. "Grabgesänge" offers a lot here along with their cold production of the disc. Minor hymns and chants could be heard through the track but don't dominate the song nor the CD.

More than anything else, it makes the song and CD sound more evil and presents itself very nightmarish that can easily give you goose bumps if you listen to this alone at night.

This cold and heartless release should draw fans of the true Black Metal scene and make them realize that true Black Metal still exists. (Online October 26, 2002)

Joe Florez

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