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V:28 - Violution (8,5/10) - Norway - 2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Vendlus Records
Playing time: 47:26
Band homepage: V:28


  1. Exequor           
  2. Shut It Down     
  3. The Absolute    
  4. Pattern Of The Weak
  5. Surrender To Oblivion
  6. World Wide Bombing Day
  7. Desert Generator
  8. Can You See The Light Now?
  9. When Entropy Decreases
V:28 - Violution

I’m not a big fan of Black Metal, and the bands I DO like generally are either of the Progressive kind (ENSLAVED, LUNARIS) or Melodic (DISSECTION, NAGLFAR, WATAIN) sub-genre. Never in a hundred years would the description of “Lifeless and bleak Black Metal” have made me interested in checking out a band, but lo and behold V:28 plays that sub-genre of Metal, and they have released a masterpiece of an album. Lyrically, “Violution” is the last piece of a trilogy dealing with the deconstruction of humanity, and the music follows suit.


Despite being very mechanical and lifeless, “Violution” offers something vital to music: emotion. This album just bleeds out despair, hatred, a bleak reality where machines and lifelessness has taken over, without any hope or end in sight. The repetition of the hypnotic, tremolo picked mechanical riffs coupled with the use of Industrial/Electronic effects creates the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world, and hopelessness prevails throughout the album. Everything, from the guitar leads to the keyboards and synths to the tortured vocals; it all compounds the feeling of sheer misery after watching the entire world get scorched dead.


This brings me to my next point…it’s full of raw emotion and it’s bleak as hell, but it’s still VERY aggressive and gives one need to bang the head. The feeling engendered is hopelessly, but damned if I wasn’t gleefully ready to start a pit in my room while listening to this. It also has Garm (of ULVER fame) doing guest vocals, and his vocals are a nice contrast in style, being clean and all, but it still plays into the theme of the album.


So does the production. There is a part of me that wants the sound to be heavy and thick on all my Metal albums, but the songs on this album would be compromised. Instead, the guitars are A BIT thin, but clear enough for all of the subtleties to be heard, and the more brittle sound gives the riffs a darker quality. This is a perfect case of the production fitting the music and mood of an album.


It’s the bleak, depressing, melancholic and spiteful journey to the apocalypse. It is also an awesome slab of music.


This is the end of the trilogy of albums dealing with the destruction of humanity V:28 began with “NonAnthropogenic”. Now, to get my hands on the other albums.



(Online January 16, 2008)

Armen Janjanian

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