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Planet X - Moonbabies (8/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 56:46
Band homepage: Planet X


  1. Moonbabies
  2. The Noble Savage
  3. Ataraxia
  4. Tonaz
  5. Boy With A Flute
  6. Interlude In Milan
  7. Digital Vertigo
  8. Ground Zero
  9. Midnight Bell
  10. Ignitus Per Ignotium
Planet X - Moonbabies
The super trio of Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati and Tony Macalpine and featuring several guest bassists like Billy Sheehan, Tom Kennedy and Jimmy Johnson round out this latest release from Sherinian's PLANET X. Prog fans who enjoy almost an hour of technical instrumental music should be wetting themselves when they hear this CD of complex musicianship.

Since leaving DREAM THEATER several years ago, Derek has found an incredible way to channel his energy and vision. While many people may get bored with all instrumentals, those who appreciate the musical arts should be able to find this pleasing. All the elements of Prog Metal/Jazz/Rock and Pop are presented in a mature form that will make your head explode in sheer ecstasy.

The title track is very versatile in sound and even sounds reminiscent of U.K.'s IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT. Produced by drum extraordinaire, Simon Phillips, this is a CD created by several great visionaries who know how to play off of one another and produced by a drum God with an incredible ear for musical talent.

This is one release that all musician wanna be's should be listening to for inspiration that is completely endless and mind boggling. (Online October 26, 2002)

Joe Florez

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