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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - FROM THE ASHES - Heading For Dystopia

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From The Ashes - Heading For Dystopia (8/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Rawby
Playing time: 8:54
Band homepage: From The Ashes


  1. Cash Is King
  2. Heading For Dystopia
  3. Blame The Victim
  4. Hem Ljuva Hem
  5. The Perfect World >mp3
  6. Drop The Act
  7. Buy The Lie
  8. Under The Big Eye
  9. Inget Krangel
  10. Det Allseende Ogat
  11. Demons
From The Ashes - Heading For Dystopia

A bullet from the gun, a full throttle red line blowout, jumping off a bridge with naught but a laggy band tied around your ankles, all exhilirating experiences but when not done right, likely to be a messy affair, just like your first shag. FROM THE ASHES deliver the goods from the barrel of a shotgun, nigh on a dozen short, sharp blasts, wadding an' all. Nurse!!

There's no messing about on “Heading For Dystopia,” this is serious Grind with none of the pig fucking and donkey samples that pervade the genre elsewhere, instead lose your lugs to scything attacks of sharp edged riffs supported upon a shockwave of pummelling rhythm. Delivered between fast and blast, there ain't time to ponder on the subtleties (or lack of,) just revel in the Punk on crack vibe that timelines beneath the raucous renderings rucking up a riot on this snifter of what the band are capable of.

This is as infectious as a toilet seat in a brothel, despite the basic structure, it's delivered with gleeful gusto and there's no doubt that the gloves are off. Cascading lead riffs guillotine down upon the hapless listener, there's a fists flailing bass that grumbles like a group of Russian mineworkers who've not been paid again, said four string often opens up a track in classic earthshaker fashion, brings tears to the eye, so it does. With hardly any of these songs breaking a minute before passing the baton to the next, they're each as fresh as a steaming cow pat, fortunately FROM THE ASHES manage to imbue each one with its own identity, there are memorable motifs aplenty.

There is a percussiveness to the vocals which means that you can holler along too, if you're angry enough and have been gargling on bleach and gravel of course, there is a perfect chance to shred your larynx on “Hem Ljuva Hem” what with its brief yet compelling chorus. Really, this album invites you in and if you go with it, you'll come out relatively unscathed, it's all about inclusiveness.

All in all, thoroughly recommended, a bit short though, it's like an introductory session at an S&M club, you'll be left bruised and bloodied but wanting more.

(Online January 27, 2008)

Niall MacCartney

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