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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - TERROR 2000 - Slaughterhouse Supremacy

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Terror 2000 - Slaughterhouse Supremacy (8/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 32:05
Band homepage: Terror 2000


  1. Intro - Terror In Time
  2. Sone Of A Gun, Daughter Of A Slaughter
  3. Agents Of Decadence
  4. Burn Bitch Burn!
  5. Slaughterhouse Supremacy
  6. Firebolt
  7. Crypt Of Decay
  8. Terror 2000
  9. Elimination Complete
Terror 2000 - Slaughterhouse Supremacy
Too short. An album of this calibre deserves far more than 32 minutes…

TERROR 2000 sees newcomer Nick Sword alongside members of both SOILWORK (Henri Ranta, Bjorn "Speed" Strid) and DARKANE (Klas Ideberg) smash forth with grand Thrash-incineration. MwwaaHAHAHAHAHA!!!

True, these guys are from Sweden, but if you were expecting more "Melodic Death" (two words that contradict each other in terms of metallic definition), you'll either be sadly disappointed, or pleasantly surprised. That's not to say the Melodic scene has outlived its usefulness or appeal, but in a realm where every album and every band strives for recognition through emulating the achievements of others (the "others" being of course AT THE GATES, DISSECTION, IN FLAMES, and perhaps ENTOMBED and DARK TRANQUILLITY), T2K, alongside SOILWORK and DARKANE, come as a more than needed splash of cold water in a tired face.

As indicated by the intro, which serves more as a warning, this album hits hard, and fast. Ideberg and Sword shred at break neck velocity, inducing one into… well, breaking their neck! Speed reveals the Bass-thumper inside of him while also taking up his most notable role as aggressive banshee-death master. Then of course we've got Mr. Ranta - master of his craft. You'll be hard pressed to find many drummers as skilled, unpredictable, and I dare say as perfect as one Henri Ranta.

"Slaughterhouse Supremacy" takes shape in the form of a hurricane; blowing cars through brick walls, ripping large trees out of their once firm roots, assuming general supremacy over all in its grasp… BUT, like any good storm, it ends far too quickly. This might be fine for the "Reign In Blood"-fan in all of you, but personally I'm not too fond of short albums, especially when they leave you thirsty for more. In fact, I'm so thirsty, I'm gonna have to drink a point off my final rating for every 10 minutes that should have been on here!

Don't get me wrong, TERROR 2000 delivers the finest of goods! But it's hard not to notice when half the shipment goes missing.

Carl Wood

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