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Nostradameus - Words Of Nostradameus (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 46:08
Band homepage: Nostradameus


  1. Words Of Nostradameus
  2. The Vision
  3. Out Of This World
  4. Nightmare Prophecy
  5. Without Your Love
  6. Master Of The Night
  7. Black Fate
  8. The Crown's Inn
  9. Resurrection
  10. Brother In Chains
  11. One For All, All For One
Nostradameus - Words Of Nostradameus
There had been many speculations about NOSTRADAMEUS, that HAMMERFALL-vocalist Joacim Cans were a member, that it would be another awesome Power Metal-band from Sweden and so on.

Now I hold their debut-CD in my hands and my player, and should start to write something about it...

Well, after the intro, which almost every band seems to regard as essential, "The Vision" is a nice up-tempo-track, Power Metal as you are used to nowadays. "Out Of This World" then is the first highlight, even faster than the first one, good, catchy, so let's continue.

"Without Your Love" is, surprising with this title, a ballad, unspectacular, but not bad either. The speedy "Master Of The Night" is a completely different calibre, just as the very good "The Crown's Inn", which is very varied.

OK, now there is only one song left and still no sign of Mr. Cans... So let's go to "One For All, All For One" and there he is! In a duet with Freddy Persson he enobles a swift Power Metal-hymn, which HAMMERFALL themselves could not have done better.

So if you sum everything up, then you have a really good Power Metal-album, which will have a hard time considering the still ongoing flood, but with enough quality to stand it through.

Alexander Melzer

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