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Viking - Do Or Die (7,5/10) - USA - 1987

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 32:46
Band homepage: -


  1. Warlord
  2. Hellbound
  3. Militia Of Death
  4. Prelude/Scavenger
  5. Valhalla
  6. Burning From Within
  7. Berserker
  8. Killer Unleashed
  9. Do Or Die
Viking - Do Or Die
"Do Or Die", finally there is the release of VIKING's 1988 debut album as CD. This album is made for Thrash- and Death Metal fans, who like it as fast and as brutal as it can be.

The nine songs are mostly played in a supersonic velocity, but the songs are catchy enough to turn not out to useless noise. Some songs begin relatively slow, but after a few seconds they break through.

The guitar solos screeching in best SLAYER tradition, the vocalist sound like a combination of Tom Araya and Don Doty and the whole sound is rough and unpolished. Who likes SLAYER with their "Show No Mercy" times and DARK ANGEL with "Darkness Descends" should have no problems with VIKING. But UNLEADSHED supporters can watch out for this, too.

As there is no record label written on the cover, I think, this might be a bootleg. But then, there are the lyrics given, that's great. (Online October 27, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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