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Wijlen Wij - s/t (9/10) - Belgium - 2007

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Aesthetic Death Records
Playing time: 72:31
Band homepage: Wijlen Wij


  1. L'anatheme
  2. Wijlen Wij
  3. Offertorium
  4. Falling Stars
  5. Aware Of The Void
  6. Bridges
Wijlen Wij - s/t

None of the big Belgian Doom Metal bands released anything in 2007, but members of PANTHEIST, UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME, SOLICIDE and IN SOMNIS joined forces in WIJLEN WIJ, a new project that spawned what was probably the most groundbreaking Funeral Doom Metal album of the last year.

Considering that the most famous members of WIJLEN WIJ, Kostas and Stijn Van Cauten, are known for the highly contemplative and atmospheric Doom they make, I was surprised to hear the bitter rawness of this music. There are some gleams of melody when Kostas uses his mournful chant, and the organ helps to create a ceremonial sensation, but below that thin veil of light the listener is crushed by pouring heaviness, a musical rust conformed by schizophrenic strings and underdeveloped drums. The result is an atmosphere so nasty that you can smell it.

WIJLEN WIJ deliver a hymn to utter misery. This doesn't mean depression, only a filthy wall of sound that crushes all the senses and embraces its victims in fear and other dreadful sensations. WIJLEN WIJ are a band that is bringing METAL back to Funeral Doom, and proclaiming a manifesto against those who think that the genre should be emotional. Bullshit, Doom like this is meant to rape your soul through overwhelming darkness!

(Online February 7, 2008)

Daniel Barros

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