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Evergrey - Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Label: Hall Of Sermon
Playing time: 43:26
Band homepage: Evergrey


  1. Solitude Within
  2. Nosferatu
  3. The Shocking Truth
  4. A Scattered Me
  5. She Speaks To The Dead
  6. When Darkness Falls
  7. Words Mean Nothing
  8. Damnation
  9. The Corey Curse
Evergrey - Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy
Power Metal? Yes! HAMMERFALL-like? Noooooooo!

EVERGREY's second album is a highly interesting one. Dark Power Metal combine with Progressive Metal, but without breaks just for breaks' sake and above all a vocalist in Tom S. Englund, who manages to add another original note to the Swedes' sound.

You won't find fast tracks on "Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy", but songs like "The Shocking Truth" or "Damnation" draw their aggression from different sources. "Nosferatu" is already known to some from the "Hammer"-sampler (if anybody listens to that one) and impresses with the interchange between soft and symphonic-aggressive passages, while "WOrds Mean Nothing" is an absolutely cliche-free ballad of a rare quality.

If they continue to develop as they have between "The Dark Discovery" and "Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy", then the third album will be incredible...

Alexander Melzer

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