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Liege Lord - Freedom's Rise (9/10) - USA - 1985

Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Black Dragon
Playing time: 32:58
Band homepage: Liege Lord


  1. Prodigy
  2. Wielding Iron Fists
  3. Dark Tale
  4. Amnesty
  5. Rage Of Angels
  6. Vials Of Wrath
  7. Warriors Farewell
  8. For The King
  9. Legionaire
Liege Lord - Freedom's Rise
The phenomenal debut of LIEGE LORD is an often underestimated/overlooked pearl of Epic Metal. A milestone of the calibre of "Crystal Logic" (MANILLA ROAD), "Too Late To Pray" (TYRANT) or "Nightfall" (CANDLEMASS) can't be missed, right? A poor goblin, who never listened to an over-song like "Rage Of Angels" with its majestic construction, its mighty riffs, blazing guitar solos, the sublime refrain, as well as the unique chant of singer Andy Michaud!

Exactly this lamenting, both deep and in higher pitch levels situated chant drives inch thick goose-flesh onto your skin. Others will dismiss it as too odd - oh you ignoramuses! All songs are brilliant epic shells, sometimes faster, sometimes less quick, but all the heavier and with the right WARRIOR feeling....intelligent Metal must sound like this.

Demanding instrumentation not too complex but also not too easy! Songs, years later, which one always likes to put up, too. I guess that's what you call timeless! (Online October 23, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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