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Dead Emotions - Pathways To Catharsis (5/10) - Germany - 2008

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Bad Land Records
Playing time: 48:14
Band homepage: Dead Emotions


  1. Paradise Is Hell

  2. Demon Seed >mp3
  3. Point Of No Return
  4. There Is No Dawn >mp3
  5. Weed For The Weak
  6. Disdained
  7. Borderline
  8. Direction Pain >mp3
  9. Ways Of Self Destruction
  10. Interlude
  11. At The End Of Time
Dead Emotions - Pathways To Catharsis

Didn’t AGATHODAIMON already use that cover?


Munich’s DEAD EMOTIONS has returned in early 2008 for their third release. I’ve seen them referred to around here as Death Metal with dramatic Gothic touches, but having heard nothing of their work previously I have a fresh perspective. So now that I’ve mentioned the style description, get rid of half of it. “Pathways To Catharsis” is a pretty straight-forward Death Metal album which, because it has been made since 2000, features palpable Black Metal (VENOM or BATHORY’s pre-Norwegian stuff) and Thrash (old, Neo, and groove-based). Extreme Metal, you might say, but Death Metal’s a comfortable genre.


And “Pathways To Catharsis” is a comfortable album, at least comfortable in the sense that it’s not challenging nor remarkable. If you like your Death Metal extreme and on the brutal side (but not too brutal), you should find it an enjoyable spin. If you’re not a fan of such, or easily get tired with the genre’s trappings, it’s a bland mash of music that at best won’t leave an impression and at worst will drag horribly. There’s a brief bit of adventurous riffage on “There Is No Dawn,” but otherwise there’s not much to notice. 


You won’t miss anything by passing.

(Online February 18, 2008)

Keith Stevens

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