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Sacramental Awakened - Turned To Stone (6,5/10) - Belgium - 2007

Genre: Death Metal / Melodic Metal
Label: Rotten To The Core
Playing time: 27:42
Band homepage: Sacramental Awakened


  1. Lowland Wars
  2. Weight Of World
  3. Synchronized
  4. IFSA
  5. Corporation Of Corruption
  6. In The Heavens
  7. Turned To Stone
Sacramental Awakened - Turned To Stone

SACRAMENTAL AWAKENED is a band coming from Belgium and with “Turned To Stone” the number of their full-length albums has been increased to two. The small country in Western Europe is not actually associated with Metal and I am afraid that the below reviewed album will not change much in this question.


The style which SACRAMENTAL AWAKENED want to intrigue us with is Melodic Death Metal in the vein of well-known Scandinavian bands dealing with this genre. Apart from Swedish influences we can also sense a touch of Heavy Metal in their music.


After listening to this album for a couple of times I decided it would be best to start with the third track called “Synchronized”. This one offers us a nice solo in the middle of the composition and is actually – at least for me –  some kind of musical awakening on this album as the two first tracks do not really surprise me with anything extraordinary. “Lowland Wars” and “Weight Of World” are just good decent musical efforts but I do not think that an average Metal listener would find himself delighted by these tracks. As far as (again) “Synchronized” is concerned one can not miss associations with IN FLAMES both in the music and in Ward’s vocal performance.


“IFSA” – the fourth song and finally something really interesting – after a nice guitar introduction accompanied by some subtle percussion sound we can hear the vocalist singing with a Rock/Heavy Metal manner. After that, a typical Melodic Death style emerges in the chorus but still such combination provides the music something innovative and interesting. It seems that every next composition is a bit more lively performance than the previous ones, so the longer we are listening to this release the bigger dose of adrenaline we get. Not only that though, as there is also place here for instrumental combinations and fantasy like in the end of “Corporation Of Corruption” where a decent guitar solo is being played. Such musical ornaments can be found also in other tracks including “In The Heavens” and the title track “Turned To Stone”. Especially the solo in the latter one is worth attention as well as the whole song in general.

On one hand the production of this album is ok and the songs are well-composed, but on the other hand they lack anything which can surprise in a positive way, apart from the solos. I can not deny that these guys are ambitious and eager to play but they should try to incorporate some more innovative elements in their music and if not, they should, in order to be more discernible amidst Melodic Death bands, strive for creating a bit more catchy compositions. A band does not have to be extremely innovative to become known to a wider audience but it at least has to make melodies to remember. For the time being the album of SACRAMENTAL AWAKENED can be recommended rather only for devoted Melodic Death Metal fans.

(Online February 24, 2008)

Sebastian Jazdzewski

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