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Scanner - Scantropolis (3/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 48:45
Band homepage: -


  1. Till The Ferryman Dies
  2. Hallowed Be My Name
  3. Flight Of The Eagle
  4. Turn Of The Tide
  5. Always Alien
  6. Engel Brechts
  7. Sister Mary
  8. The Gambler
  9. Rest In Pain R.I.P.
  10. Till The Ferryman Dies (Live In Stockholm)
Scanner - Scantropolis
2 albums 1989 and 1991, then broken apart. A new singer, 2 albums 1995 and 1997, then broken apart. New singer, 1 album 2002, then ... I don't know yet what happens then. But I have actually liked SCANNER always very much in the past. Typically German Power Metal but with a certain note, which has lifted it from the majority anyway.

What is "Scantropolis", the first album with the new singer Lisa Croft, bringing us now? Well, a new sound. Yup, no more the classic style but guitars cut back a bit and slightly more modern sounding sound. Something doesn't automatically have to be negative, there are sufficient counterexamples, but this album suffers in several places, which kills some thoroughly good ideas and passages almost completely.

Numero uno is Lisa Croft. No, she surely isn't surely a bad singer, the problem is just that here and there she sounds as she is a little off pitch, nothing that would really strike you as obvious, but more comes up in the back of your head. That her voice partly comes over distorted is more a matter of my taste (or rather my not-taste), because I simply don't like that, but she also lacks a little power. Partially it sounds as if she tried to sing against the music, sounding somewhat strained.

Numero two is partly the songs, which often lack dynamics, riffs and catchy melodies and leave my ear just as quickly as they had entered it, I'm used to completely different things of SCANNER. Still some songs have turned out really good, if only rarely for the complete length of the song, and a few are total fall-outs.

The third and by far biggest problem is the for my ears disastrous production (I urgently hope that something has happened with the mix between the Promo and the actual CD!), which definitely ruins "Scantropolis". The guitars sound gooey and undifferentiated. The keyboards are far too much in the foreground and partly drown the rest considerably (Lisa's vocals have suffer from this a lot). It can lead only to nowhere, if this was wanted like this, than good night...

"Sister Mary" is really good, no question. "Till The Ferryman Dies" is for the most part useable, if one refrains from the absolutely strange and discordant sounds which appear right in the middle of it (by the way just as in the live version of the track, at the end of the album, which isn't contained in the tracklist). Things like this happen here and there once in a while, though, what for me lets the boat go submarine after all.

The information drivels a little of "SCANNER in extraordinary form" and that they show everyone, "that this band earns the step into the Metal Champions League". Wrong - this troop just got off into the regional league. It is as sadly as it may sound but true anyway. This album definitely has the false name on it, because this hardly has to do something with SCANNER. (Online October 24, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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