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Catastrophic - Pathology Of Murder (7/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Death Metal / Thrashcore
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 32:26
Band homepage: Catastrophic


  1. Pathology Of Murder
  2. My Crucible
  3. Splendors Calling
  4. The Messenger
  5. Problem, Reaction, Solution
  6. History In Fiction
  7. Healthy Dose Of Hate
  8. Generation Decimation
  9. Enveloping Darkness
  10. Apathy´s Warm Embrace
  11. Catastrophic
Catastrophic - Pathology Of Murder

Starting out as the sideproject of OBITUARY guitarist Trevor Peres, CATASTROPHIC, to my surprise, still exists (now with Napalm Records) and shows a slightly deadlier face with “Pathology Of Murder”.


A seven year gap between full lengths indicates a sign of change, and while I´ve only heard a couple of tracks off “The Cleansing”, I´ve quickly come to the conclusion that the band´s new material has more bite. Without Trevor chugging out those classic putrid riffs, a shift towards a heavier, thrashier and less Hardcore inspired sound has been laid. The songs don´t differ to much from one another, some are heavy and fast, some are a bit faster, and some are brutal and fast hehe.


There´s nothing on “Pathology Of Murder” that will paralyse your senses; this is a stripped down, violent lesson on how much attitude can be embodied into a metallic sound. You get eleven tracks of Florida Death Metal mixed with several fancier passages, both thrashy and deathy, and the ocassional Hardcore stompings. Every brutal note, sick guitar twist, propelling blastbeat, attacking lead and Kevin DeVito´s quite awesome roaresque growling springs out of honesty and raw dedication.


Like I said, the album is more brutal and includes more technical instrumentation, but there´s still lots of midpaced OBITUARY styled tempos. The musicianship is very tight and aggressive, a decisive factor that makes this album fun to listen to as the songs may not be all that exciting, but the delivery and fast shifting tempos gives them that spicy edge.


“Pathology Of Murder” is an album that endorses aggression and does it well and to the max.

(Online March 2, 2008)

Frodi Stenberg

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