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Redeemers - Promo CD (8,5/10) - Egypt - 2007

Genre: Symphonic Metal / Melodic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 22:33
Band homepage: Redeemers


  1. Religious Man
  2. Scheherazade
  3. The Wish Well
  4. Wild Symphony
Redeemers - Promo CD

To many Metal from Egypt sounds like a paradox from the get go and the only band in my collection so far had been Death Metal troop WORM, I know of ODIOUS (who I have tried to catch a hold of for a long time now) and now there are REDEEMERS. And little did I know what awaited me style-wise, because Symphonic Power Metal is not really standard fare from these regions and this four track promo falls right into that category.


I have heard my fair share of this sound, so I honestly did not expect too much, as many young bands think they have what it takes, but in the end fail miserably, but this sextet comes as one of the biggest surprises of late (thankfully a very positive one), because what they deliver here is pretty damn good for a first demo! Obviously, to enjoy this band, you must like theatrical stylings, narration, dramatics and a certain amount of bombast (through keyboards), otherwise this demo will sink, but if you have an affinity towards these sounds, like myself, then you will find a gemstone to cherish.


Variety definitely is not an issue with the Egyptians, as the dramatic side they bring into their music gives it a nicely different flair and also in the vocal department we are treated to three different kinds, Danny Magdy’s kind of heroic voice, Natalie Staller’s expressive voice and even a few accentuating growls here and there (I am not sure, who these would be credited to, though, I’ll just assume it’s Danny as well), and all of them in excellent quality, plus a few well placed choir parts to tie everything together, what a nice surprise.


Additionally the production is clear and powerful, fitting their chosen style well, rounding off a demo that is far different and far better than I could have hoped for. REDEEMERS are on a very good way to making a name in the Melodic/Power Metal community, even though I am still looking for the wildness in closing “Wild Symphony” the sextet has crafted four songs that can compete with many, many established acts and even have some own originality thanks to the theatrical structure, I can’t wait to hear more from these guys!

(Online February 7, 2008)

Alexander Melzer

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