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Spellblast - Horns Of Silence (9/10) - Italy - 2007

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Crusader Records
Playing time: 47:23
Band homepage: Spellblast


  1. In The Name Of Odin
  2. Lost In The Forest
  3. Losing Reality
  4. Glory To The Gem
  5. Goblin’s Song
  6. Legend Of The Ice Wolf
  7. Sign Of The Unicorns
  8. Resurrection
  9. Knights Of Darkness
Spellblast - Horns Of Silence

Formed in 1999 and with only one demo to their name, ‘’Ray Of Time’’, the rate of release by Italian Power Metal warriors SPELLBLAST is hardly conducive into making them a household name. However good things come to those who wait and in ‘’Horns Of Silence’’ SPELLBLAST has recorded an extremely impressive debut record.


Obsequious influences from luminaries such as MAIDEN, BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH, the mighty LOST HORIZON, RHAPSODY OF FIRE and FALCONER all condense themselves into a potent, weighty and hugely enjoyable record for the Power Metal enthusiast.


There’s also a heady dose of Folk tinged melody, in particular ‘’Goblin’s Song’’, so often heard in today’s Power Metal. Thankfully the sound is nothing as extreme as say FINNTROLL more LUCA TURILLI meets FALCONER.


Although they might well raise a few sniggers along the way with song title choices and dungeon and dragon style lyrics, SPELLBLAST still manage to sound utterly convincing in Power Metal terms. In vocalist Jonathan Sapgnulo SPELLBLAST has a commanding performer who takes the proverbial bull by the horns and delivers an almost faultless performance. Guitars solo and wail, drums burst and thunder, bass pumps, all in keeping with tradition.


The epic ‘’Sign Of The Unicorns’’, the pulsating riffery of "Knights Of Darkness", the rampant grandeur of ‘’Glory To The Gem’’ or the vibrant exultation of ‘’Lost in The Forest’’ makes this debut just about as good as it gets in Power Metal.

(Online March 3, 2008)

Chris Doran

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