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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - GLAUKOM SYNOD - Ogre

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Glaukom Synod - Ogre (9/10) - France - 2007

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 34:10
Band homepage: Glaukom Synod


  1. Passive Retro
  2. Translute Jugulate Iniquit (XXVII)
  3. Trephination And Ruminance (The Iron Tongue Part 2: Swallowing Infinite)
  4. Triangle Obscene (Obesism 23)
  5. Gangrene Control (Floods Of Repugnance)
  6. Totalitarian Nuclear Warlust
  7. Multiplex Of Affliction
  8. Vulvotronic Dominator
  9. Pustular Eyesocket Nervotomy
  10. Sci-Fix It
  11. Ultrablasting Zaxxonized Paroxysm
  12. Cemeterial Sexchanging Dementia (Decapitate)
  13. Intragenitose
  14. Gutturalia (Outro)
Glaukom Synod - Ogre

It takes a fine ear to really listen to the likes of Industrial music.  As a Metalhead, I came in late to Industrial music and only came to terms of it through bands like MINISTRY and MARILYN MANSON.  Now neither of the bands mentioned are truly Industrial in their conception but they combine Industrial elements into their music.   So when I received GLAUKOM SYNOD for review I was somewhat excited to hear what the Industrial world had to offer since I had been listening to the more Metal side of the genre. 


“Ogre”, the fifth demo released by GLAUKOM SYNOD demonstrates the true nature of aggressive Industrial music.  I don’t claim to an expert in the field by any means (can anyone really claim that?) but “Ogre” is a fine slab of explosive, chaotic Industrial music.  The music on “Ogre” quickly and drastically will change direction with explosions of sound and odd rhythms appearing quickly and dissolving just as fast.  The music on “Ogre” will have the listener going a certain direction and then shift on them leaving them disoriented in feeling.   It’s the sound of a factory in your nightmares.  And it’s unbelievably fun and interesting throughout. 


Although you aren’t going to find moments of sing-a-long choruses (or any kind of vocals for that matter beyond the opening track “Passive Retro”) there is plenty of catchy rhythms and odd synths to keep one’s attention.   Don’t expect too much beyond that though.  GLAUKOM SYNOD sticks to their guns with “Ogre” and they never let up. 


Personally, I would have enjoyed hearing a little more structure to the music than the chaotic styling but that is just personal preference.  GLAUKOM SYNOD plays a very aggressive Industrial music and they do it well. 


Songs to check out: “Sci-Fix It”, “Totalitarian Nuclear Warlust”, “Passive Retro”. 

(Online March 4, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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