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Incantation - Blasphemy (4/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 73:57
Band homepage: Incantation


  1. Blasphemy
  2. The Fallen
  3. A Once Holy Throne
  4. Crown Of Decayed Salvation
  5. Rotting With Your Christ
  6. His Weak Hand
  7. The Sacrilegious Apocalypse Of Righteousness And Agonizing Dementia (The Final Defilement Of Your Lord)
  8. Deceiver (Self- Righteous Betrayer)
  9. Descend Seraphic Irreverence
  10. Uprising Heresy
  11. Misanthropic Indulgence
Incantation - Blasphemy
I hadn't previously heard any material by INCANTATION until I was donated a promo of the newest album, "Blasphemy". A band that has more or less been a spearhead in the Death Metal must be an interesting listen, so I was quite anxious to hear the album.

First a little thing, the duration of the album seems very long, and it is… but this mainly cause track 12 and 13 (yes, 13 tracks instead of the 11 listed above) are nothing more than a sound that grows louder and louder (track 12) and then some other weird sounds (track 13) that eventually fade out, so don't be deceived by the playing time…

Anyway, over to some "Blasphemy"… This is a difficult album for me. I have listened to it numerous times, but I'm still not really certain what to think of it… Actually, I am, it's just that it's absolutely not what I hoped to think about this CD. During those listens I only sporadically feel the urge to finger drum on the keyboard (yeah, we all do it, just admit it!), which is usually an indication of my liking of the CD. Instead, I'm growing very sleepy of this CD. Sure, the guys can play, but always when there is a good thing going on, it's usually so short that I hardly even notice there was something interesting there. The albums is loaded with repetitions that are amusing once heard a few times, but that drive me nuts when you hear them into infinity ("His Weak End" and the song with the BAL-SAGOTH title, "The Sacrilegious Apocalypse Of Righteousness And Agonizing Dementia (The Final Defilement Of Your Lord)" being good examples). Damn, I have tried so hard to like this… but I don't.

No, in the end it's actually very clear what I think about this album, it's tiring, uninspired, and absolutely something that will not get many more spins from me unless I suffer from a severe case of insomnia. Probably only a must-have for fans, for me a INCANTATION's "Blasphemy" turned out to be a total deception! (Online October 14, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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