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Grimlord - B.W.A.K.U.C. (7/10) - Poland - 2007

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 14:05
Band homepage: Grimlord


  1. Blood Runneth Over >mp3
  2. Beast We Are Keeping Under Cover >mp3
  3. Grey Eminence >mp3
Grimlord - B.W.A.K.U.C.

Heavy Metal, I have to say, is not my preferred listening but that doesn't mean I can't grin like a loon when I listen to a drop of the good stuff. Do GRIMLORD bring on the smiles? Why yes they do, albeit in lopsided fashion.

First off, forget any notion of GRIMLORD being spikey Homepride flour men machine-gunning blasphemy atop a spurting wave of Satan's jizz, these three pump out tried and tested denim tradition with a distinct European flavour. Whiffing of heritage inevitably means that “B.W.A.C.U.K.” sounds familiar, it don't matter, this lot are enjoying themselves and the enthusiasm picks up a mattock and merrily begins to dig itself through the resinous wax in your ear to reach the giggle lobe inside your head. Seriously, if you don't find yourself tapping a foot to this, then you are just a jaded miserable fucker that needs to go lurk in a cave and shun any human contact.

Listen, I'm not saying that GRIMLORD are the next big thing but they certainly demonstrate that a hard-working Heavy Metal band in the groove can excite as much as the genre luminaries, after all when I were a lad, it was about beer drinkin' and hell raisin' and a distinct odour of sweat mixed with motor oil, here we have BO and Castrol GTX fouling the nostrils. The right ambience, therefore, is in evidence. Flowing through this demo is that classic vibe that anchors GRIMLORD to the daddy genre where it remains fixed and true, there is no deviation into any sub offshoots. Expect then, melody, riffs and a grating of cheese, many of the motifs that abound will flick the recognition switch as they add substance to the gallop, quicksilver lead flicks provide the whiplash to the rhythm, there is constant movement and involvement.

The vast majority of what I listen to eschews any notion of singing along unless you rip out your throat and replace it with an electric sander, so it is a hoot to be able to hark back to decades long past and join in, albeit gruffly, with something I dimly remember they call a chorus. The hard edged clean singing avoids the higher registers and keeps it honest, the accented English adds charm rather than detract in any way and so the door is open if you want in. Classic pounding crossed with eloquent lead work carries the livelier aspects of this demo smack bang into compulsory headbanging territory whilst more subdued sections will result in a Zippo shares surge. Whilst you can slice through GRIMLORD anywhere you like and it will have “Heavy Metal” stamped therein like Blackpool rock, there is nonetheless intelligence in the song writing, this isn't just beer and buffoonery, in fact this is considered and earnest.

I'm far from being an expert when it comes to Heavy Metal but you don't have to be to recognise talent and determination. There's something for everyone within these three tracks, which bodes well for the newly released album “Blood Runneth Over,” from which these tracks are sourced. These young spunk-bubbles have the spirit on tap and you'd swear they were at least a decade older than they are, you can fight with your dad over this one.

(Online March 9, 2008)

Niall MacCartney

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