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Deeds Of Flesh - Inbreeding The Anthropophagi (8/10) - USA - 1997/2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 30:42
Band homepage: Deeds Of Flesh


  1. End Of All
  2. Feeding Time
  3. Inbreeding The Anthropophagi
  4. Infecting Them with Falsehood
  5. Ritual Of Battle
  6. Canvas Of Flesh
  7. Fly Shrine
  8. Gradually Melted
Deeds Of Flesh - Inbreeding The Anthropophagi
DEEDS OF FLESH is quite a big name in the Brutal Death Metal scene, but regardless of that I hadn't been able to check them out earlier. Due to the strictly European release of "Inbreeding The Anthropophagi", record label Unique Leader Records decided to remaster and re-release this 1997 album.

The material on this album is mainly high pace Death Metal, with technical riffs, and excellent, fast drumming. The vocals range from screams to grunts, but the guttural grunts are predominant. Very few things are wrong with the music of DEEDS OF FLESH, except that after several spins the music starts to sound a bit like more of the same thing. Some tracks are a bit better than others (with tracks like "End Of All", "Feeding Time" and "Ritual Of Battle" being highlights), but overall it's just good Death Metal, very pleasant to listen to, but don't expect anything more from "Inbreeding The Anthropophagi" than a straightforward Death Metal attack… but who says there's anything wrong with that! (Online October 15, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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