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Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted (9,5/10) - Brazil - 2008

Genre: Groove Thrash
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 42:23
Band homepage: Cavalera Conspiracy


  1. Inflikted
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Terrorize
  4. Black Ark
  5. Ultra-Violent
  6. Hex
  7. The Doom Of All Fires
  8. Bloodbrawl
  9. Nevertrust
  10. Hearts Of Darkness
  11. Must Kill
Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted

So it’s finally happened.   We all have been wondering when the Cavalera brothers (Max and Igor) would put aside their differences and come back together to make music again.  It took a departure of Igor from SEPULTURA but now it’s happened.  And strangely enough, they both seemed to have surpassed themselves on this release.


With the aptly named band CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, the two brothers go back to where they began musically.  “Inflikted” is more like earlier SEPULTURA then anything the members have done in a long time.   Think a slightly Thrashier “Chaos A.D.” and you will get the basic sound.   “Inflikted” is full of seething lyrics, crunching guitar riffs, bombarding bass lines, and enough raging drums to give most faithless Metalheads a new lease of respect for the two brothers.


Of course there are still moments when one can hear SOULFLY in it to with the addition of some great groovier moments to the Thrash attack, but overall this album is greater than anything either brother has done in the last 10 years.   It seems as though nothing on this album sounds forced through labels or other band members.  This is the natural music that the Cavaleras were meant to play with each other. 


Reverting back towards a more punkish vibe has done wonders for the energy of the entire album as the band never loses it even in the slower moments.  Gone is most of the tribal elements although there is still moments of Igor’s drumming that touch on it without killing the energy that has been built. 


Musically, Max and Igor are both on top of their games.  Both have really found their element to work with.  There are some awesome riffs to headbang too and with the addition of Igor’s stellar structuring for the songs this allows other guitarist Marc Rizzo (SOULFLY, ex-ILL NINO) to really throw in some of his great guitar work.  Almost every song on the album features a section of Rizzo’s patented shredding technique and allowing him to use his talents (the overlaying leads at the end of “Bloodbrawl” are jaw dropping) adds a beautiful layer that normally couldn’t have been explored.  Giving him the acoustic ending to “Bloodbrawl” was another great idea as it also shows his ability to give some awesome melody to a normally very harsh album.


So it makes sense for Max to use Rizzo on this line-up as they have been working together for the last few albums on the SOULFLY side.  They finish off the line-up with a little surprise though…GOJIRA frontman and guitarist, Joe Duplantier.  He pulls bass duties and backing vocals.  What I found interesting about Duplantier on this album though isn’t his bass work.  But his ability to back Max’s vocals very well.  He has a voice that just naturally compliments and gives greater depth to the lead vocals – and this is truly his highlight on “Inflikted”. 


Needless to say, when we received “Inflikted” at the radio station I work at – I was more then ecstatic.  After listening to it I found myself with a contender for one of the best albums of 2008 already.  The sheer energy and natural feeling of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY is something to be respected – and loved.

Songs to check out:  “Inflikted”, “Sanctuary”, “Bloodbrawl”.

(Online March 28, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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