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Sacrilegio - La Tradizione Ermetica (3/10) - Italy - 2008

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 37:17
Band homepage: Sacrilegio


  1. La Tradizione Ermetica
  2. Io, L'uno In Tutto
  3. I Quattro Gradi Del Potere
  4. La Grande Opera
  5. Veglia Perenne
  6. Trasmutazione
  7. Diventare Il Drago Senza Ali
  8. Uccidi Il Morto
  9. La Via Del Soffio
Sacrilegio - La Tradizione Ermetica

This is music to make your ears hurt. In what appears to be a new contestant in the continuing Make the Most Annoying Black Metal Possible Contest, SACRILEGIO’s new album "La Tradizione Ermetica", brings the unintended silliness associated with the genre to a rather unfortunate level. As if the typical lo-fi production wasn’t bad enough, the instruments sound as if they were merely a collection of home-recorded and artificial sound effects. It is actually not so much of a stretch to imagine “band”-leader and vocalist Unhuman Screamer (hint: probably not his real name) sitting at home, programming ridiculous cardboard-sounding blastbeats on his corpsepaint-stained Casio keyboard. 


"La Tradizione Ermetica" is as musically disappointing as it is aesthetically. The chainsaw riffing is so imprecise that the guitars sound more like the whining, high-pitched drones of a model car engine than genuine musical notes. The whole album is so predictable, static, and undeviating that it is an immense relief to hear the subdued electronic sounds of the short interlude “Veglia Perenne,” even if it is merely a late-era BURZUM ripoff. The sonic transgressions of "La Tradizione Ermetica" would not be as egregious if the whole endeavor wasn’t so insufferably serious. There is just this sense that the album was recorded with the thought that it was the most grim and sickening thing to come out of Black Metal in years, a fact that makes not laughing at the band that much harder. If you find yourself staring at a pair of Aspirin, wishing you had a headache so you had a reason to take them, "La Tradizione Ermetica" will provide you with the necessary pain. Otherwise, stay away.      

(Online April 1, 2008)

John Arminio

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