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Into My Houses - Some Forsaken Ones (7/10) - Finland - 2007

Genre: Avantgarde Metal / Progressive Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:08
Band homepage: Into My Houses


  1. RI >mp3
  2. Eu & Thanatos >mp3
  3. Song For Someone >mp3
Into My Houses - Some Forsaken Ones

A three song self-released demo by a group of Finnish Metal vocalists from bands you’ve probably never heard of like GOATHEMY, IMEIN DARGOR and THE LUST I SEEK, among others. “Some Foresaken Ones,” by the strangely named INTO MY HOUSES, is an album I was about to bash mercilessly after the first listen. It sounded like total amateur-hour Weird Core, or something. But then I gave it a few more spins and much to my surprise (and perhaps, horror) it damn near started to make sense!  Clearly, the music is very different from the gloomy Doom or Thrash that I normally associate with Finnish Metal and more along the lines of the avant-garde Progressive oriented music of bands like DOG FASHION DISCO and POLKADOT CADAVER. Lot’s of crazy off-kilter vocal lines, and music that seems to rarely hold on to any one tempo, or train of thought, for more than a few seconds at a time.


If you don’t mind that style of zany Metal you might actually like this. Strangely, these songs were apparently rejects from the members other bands and have been reworked here for the group vocal effort. I mostly have no idea who's singing what, but with four singers you’ll hear styles covering everything from Metal Core to Opera, Death growls to Black Metal shrieks, Gothy vampirisms, and even some clean female vocals from Teija Ruohoniemi - usually all in the same song! Musically, it’s just as much of a Smorgasbord (or whatever the hell the Finnish equivalent is). Even though the vocals are the main focus, the music is pretty hard to miss with tons of quirky melodies, blastbeats, and spazzy lead and rhythm guitar lines scattered all over the place. My favorite would be the opener “RI” with its thrashy guitar work and tag-team vocals. The next track, “Eu & Thanatos,” is also fairly decent with the lead guitar and galloping rhythms giving it an almost IRON MAIDEN-like feel at times. Album closer “Song For Someone” begins with much more restrained vocals, but of course this doesn’t last too long before everyone’s joining in on the fun.


So there it is. Much like the new one from POLKADOT CADAVER I was fully prepared to not like this, but it also snuck up on me after a few listens with its oddly catchy melodies and off the wall compositions. I only wish there was some more variety as they do seem to tread over the same musical ground a little too much, and even after only three songs it was starting to get a bit repetetive. Currently, all their songs are available for free download from their website, so if this seems like it might appeal to you, give them a try. Considering it’s only a demo, it’s really not a bad start and it’ll be interesting to see what these guys (and gal) come up with next.

(Online April 4, 2008)

Morris Batallas

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