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Lake Of Tears - Forever Autumn (7,5/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 45:26
Band homepage: Lake Of Tears


  1. So Fell Autumn Rain
  2. Hold On Tight
  3. Forever Autumn
  4. Pagan Wish
  5. Otherwheres
  6. The Homecoming
  7. Come Night I Reign
  8. Demon You / Lily Anne
  9. To Blossom Blue
Lake Of Tears - Forever Autumn
So here it is, the fourth album by LAKE OF TEARS. The evolution of the Swedes' sound, which had begun between the hammer-album "Headstones" and "A Crimson Cosmos" has continued, because you find only faint traces of their roots, the highly melodic Death Metal.

Only rarely you'll get the typical guitar-sound in its whole splendour, instead the whole album has turned out to be very relaxed and calm.

Three tracks revive the flair of the past days, among those "Pagan Wish", still having the old crunch in the guitars. Apart from that, sweet, yet melancholic melodies dominate the songs, often with acoustic guitars and piano, on "To Blossom Blue" even with a harmonica.

So who still regards "Headstones" as an absolute classic and has had his problems with "A Crimson Cosmos" already, should listen into this album before buying it, just to avoid any bad surprise. All who search for a calm album with a relaxed atmosphere have found their next purchase here.

Alexander Melzer

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