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Wykked Wytch - Memories Of A Dying Whore (7/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Perish Music Group
Playing time: 52:51
Band homepage: Wykked Wytch


  1. Memories Of A Dying Whore
  2. Desperation
  3. Bloodstained Tears
  4. Awakened
  5. Suffering Through The Years
  6. Wishing Sickness
  7. Sweet Dreams
  8. Plagued By Delusions
  9. Shrouded In Ash
  10. Beneath Our Skin
Wykked Wytch - Memories Of A Dying Whore

After finding a niche with 2004’s “Nefret”, WYKKED WYTCH appear confident in their product, which brings a fresh mix of Black, Death and Gothic elements into play for “Memories Of A Dying Whore.” Here the riffs blare and the vocals shrill. Anti-Christian themes find reinforcement through a variety of theatrical samples, and for once the keyboards drop to a proper minimal prominence.


“Desperation” hosts a few killer riffs over the ever-present thundering of double bass, and every song on the release houses improved lead work. The opening track sets an accelerated pace that the remaining songs match with little variation, but the treasure of the disc lies in “Shrouded In Ash.” The mood of this track verges on gloom but each movement drives with an urgency comparable to a world aflame. The song contains a breakdown reminiscent of Thrash’s more intriguing emotional dichotomies, and as with “Nefret” the songs on this release that shine really outshine. The common drivel between the disc’s finer moments prove worthy of a second listen, and as a whole the “Memories Of A Dying Whore” flows quite well.


The faults with the disc rest within the inherent risks taken by the band’s approach in general. Those who appreciate frontwitch Ipek’s shrieks and a solid foundation of drum-driven low end will delight in the release and perhaps call it pinnacle. Others will scratch their heads, ask if that’s a guy in a wig, and walk away.

(Online April 8, 2008)

Dustin Hathaway

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