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Zerozonic - Dead On Arrival (6/10) - Norway - 2007

Genre: Heavy Metal / Groove Metal
Label: OzO Records
Playing time: 54:32
Band homepage: Zerozonic


  1. Disembodied
  2. Back To Me
  3. Temptations
  4. Mr. Funny Man
  5. Zero
  6. Stripped
  7. 17 Mistakes >mp3
  8. We’re All On Fire
  9. Explain The Terror
  10. Searching
  11. Zero (Radio Edit)
Zerozonic - Dead On Arrival

ZEROZONIC is a Norwegian band that presents itself for the first time with the debut album, “Dead On Arrival” (if we don’t count the demo from 2005, of course). The band is not as inexperienced as one may think, though. For example, an ex-live guitarist from SATYRICON hides in the line-up. The style here is a branch of groovy Heavy Metal, heavy beating rhythm, mid-paced drumming and guitar riffs with much groove and swing in them.


The main musical influence is claimed to be PANTERA and that comparison feels very accurate. PANTERA is there in many parts: a singer with a hoarse voice, a groovy rhythm and a similar feeling in the slower parts. There are also own elements in ZEROZONIC’s music, though, and they have managed to replace part of the American feeling in PANTERA’s sound with a more European sound. That may be the reason for the Power/Thrash definition that I have seen, but which, in my opinion, is rather irrelevant.


This isn’t really my cup of tea and furthermore it hasn’t been done interesting enough. The same grooving works its way through this album and even if it never loses rhythm and intensity, the concept is getting tiring eventually. More focus on clean lead melodies would ease the listening a lot. As it is today – check this out only if you are really into PANTERA and similar groovy Metal.

(Online April 9, 2008)

Adam Westlund

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