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Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb (10/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Grindcore / Extreme Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 31:19
Band homepage: Pig Destroyer


  1. Rotten Yellow
  2. Jupiter's Eye
  3. Deathripper
  4. Through Crime Spree
  5. Cemetery Road
  6. Lesser Animal
  7. Phantom Limb
  8. Loathsome
  9. Heathen Temple
  10. Fourth Degree Burns
  11. Alexandria
  12. Girl In the Slayer Jacket
  13. Waist Deep In Ash
  14. The Machete Twins
  15. [Untitled Bonus Track]
Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb

Being perhaps the pre-eminent Extreme Metal act of the day, PIG DESTROYER should need no introduction, so I won’t give them one. Sure, there are plenty of Grind bands out there plying their trade and some doing a bang up job of it too, but for my shilling no band can aurally rape you and leave you desperate for more like PD do on their latest throttling “Phantom Limb”. Whereas previous efforts by the band are almost too much (although not for this fanboi), this piece of unadulterated musical violence even has tempered moments; well if by that you count not quite break-neck speeds of ferocity. On this their fourth true full-length mugging, the lads from D.C. blend in almost groove oriented Death riffs that never temper the overall sensational fierceness of the album, such as in “Loathsome”, but yet manage to, like the path they took with “Terrifyer”, congeal some solid, swaying chugging that slips in nicely with the frantic pace of their usual song structure.


This is not for the weak mind you! PIG DESTROYER are not out to canvas the Metal hordes by toning down and adding melody; no their moments of non-spasticity are as heavy as boots in knee-deep shit and cling to you in every sense you can imagine. “Phantom Limb” is an opus of technicality buttressed with all out war on your senses, leaving nothing to nuance and I fucking love every damn second of it. J.R.Hayes’ vocals seem less to be choking him than they do you, pulling you down with him into the maelstrom of musical chaos he’s surrounded by. Even though the distortion is pitch perfect, Scott Hull’s guitars are crisp and clear, never wallowing in the oft muddle that Extreme bands seem caught up in. Riffs are well performed and carry each track through so many shifts in tempo and aggression as to bestow the sensation of stampeding along with the band on some act of endless riot. Maybe there’s heavier, or even more chaotic, but no one does it with the blister and control that PIG DESTROYER can. This was my album of the year for 2007, and damn well deserved.

(Online April 15, 2008)

Stephen Rafferty

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