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4 tablatures for Horna

Horna - Sotahuuto (8,5/10) - Finland - 2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Grievantee Productions
Playing time: 36:26
Band homepage: Horna


1.     Lähtölaukaus

2.     Vapise, Vapahtaja

3.     Verimalja

4.     Tuhontuoja

5.     Sodanjano

6.     Ukkosmarssi

7.     Sotahuuto

8.     Vihanlietsoja

9.     Tulikäsky

Horna - Sotahuuto

HORNA are one of the more prolific bands in Black Metal and in Metal as a whole. Existing for about 13 years now (ten years ago was their debut) they’ve released about three thousand albums. One would think that a band that’s more fertile than an Irishman with three wives and fourteen pints would have albums of less than superior quality. This is sometimes true for HORNA, but for the most part their albums have been the forefront representatives for Finnish Black Metal, also known as Finnish Filth. These purveyors of Fine Filth have always had quality but they’ve really been on their shit the last few years what with the release of “Ääniä Yössä”, their two splits and now “Sotahuuto”. It seems they’ve cranked up the filth factor and are on a mission to kill all traces of gay wankery with the pure prowess of manly Black Metal.

I just recently started to get into HONRA. I admit I was a pretty big fan of LEVIATHAN, XASTHUR, ALCEST back in the day but now I’m looking for man-brawl when it comes to Black Metal. I’m sick of pulling out random tributes to Shoegaze and calling it Progressive. If you’re gonna be progressive do something that fucking rocks (CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS?). So HORNA is the manly solution I was looking for with their utmost kickass riffs and their pure spirit. Anyway, “Sotahuuto” is a tribute Bathory and Quorthon. It is a musical and spiritual tribute that captures the pure heart of olden Black Metal.

HORNA also decides to leave all lyrics in their native language, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. This is a smart move as the lyrics and vocals are used in a brilliant way that would clearly be lost if done in English. Corvus could be saying little (which I doubt) but just the passion emanating from the vocals is enough to portray a serious love of the music and philosophy.

Now onto the music itself. It oozes with manliness. Containing an immense filth factory that overflows with smoke and plague and pest. HORNA creates a Rock Out attitude that is just covered with riffs upon manly riffs. Shatraug uses the minimalism excellently this time around, although not as great as “Ääniä Yössä”, the songs on here are just so fucking cool. The title track, “Tuhontuoja”, “Vihanlietsoja” are just a couple songs to get your Black Blood flowing. The title track in particular is just so manly it may scare off the ALCEST listeners back in to the closets they came out of. Seriously this is some deep dark and dank Black Metal that is not for the weak, it’s not for the “progressive” or the “intellectual” (if those do indeed exist in the Metal community). This is music for the Black Hearted and the Rocked Out. This is serious Black Metal for serious fans and no one else need apply.

(Online April 16, 2008)

Sam Becherer

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