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C-T Prevail - Mean Season (5/10) - Norway - 2008

Genre: Thrashcore
Label: Morning Star Records
Playing time: 40:12
Band homepage: -


  1. Ambivalence
  2. Enrage
  3. Relieved
  4. Pure But Wasted
  5. Listen
  6. In Turn
  7. Dance With The Devil
  8. Bastard
  9. Day Of Reckoning
  10. Nice
  11. Goosebumps
  12. Yesterday’s Song
  13. 13
  14. Heaven Or Hell
C-T Prevail - Mean Season

As a Thrash Metal fan I was so excited when Thrash Metal decided to make a return to the forefront of the industry. The more Thrash the merrier right? Too bad that sometimes too much of a good thing can turn sour real quick. Now there are too many bands that are becoming Thrash when they miss the point of what it means to perform Thrash Metal.


C-T PREVAIL is one of these bands. Like the many Metalcore bands that have decided to add Thrash to their repertoire in the last year or so (AS I LAY DYING, SWORN ENEMY, and THE AGONY SCENE come to mind), “Mean Season” follows in those exact steps – and just like the bands previously mentioned, don’t hit the mark with what Thrash Metal should be.


Of course since this trend has become so widely noted there is a new genre for it…Thrashcore. And that describes essentially what you are going to hear on this debut album. Although there are no real definite ‘breakdowns’ per say on here but there is some simplification of the riffs at times but most of the riffs altogether sound muddy and distorted a little too much. Occasionally a good Thrash riff will come out of the woodwork but it’s not enough for me to really forgive some of the other faults on the album.  


There is, however, very good energy that the band supplies to the listener…BUT it feels as though there isn’t any arc to the release. The energy just goes everywhere rather than being focused on any particular goal. This is part of the reason that many of shorter songs seem to fit the style of the band better then the longer ones. 


In the end, I just didn’t feel a lot of connection with the release and it felt as though it wasn’t sure in which direction that it wanted to go. Even the vocalist seems to be pretty one dimensional with his performance. Too much of the same going through this album without enough unique moments to set it out from other albums. 


Songs to check out: “Pure But Wasted”, “In Turn”, “Day Of Reckoning”.

(Online April 22, 2008)

Matt Reifschneider

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