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Gutted With Broken Glass - Beaten To A Bloody Pulp (3/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Grindhead Records
Playing time: 14:18
Band homepage: Gutted With Broken Glass


  1. Headfuck
  2. Under The Black Flag
  3. GWBG
  4. Public Execution
  5. Meat Wagon
  6. Drawn And Quartered
  7. Ramrod
  8. Body In The Woods
  9. Pillage Plunder Grindcore
  10. Gutted Like A Pig
  11. No Te Rajes
  12. Walk the Plank
  13. Bloodstained Minds
  14. Unmarked Grave
Gutted With Broken Glass - Beaten To A Bloody Pulp

14 songs and just over 14 minutes, you wouldn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what genre this CD is, even without a band name or track listing. Of course it will help the casual reader (or listener) to discern the genre by the bands less than nuanced moniker; GUTTED WITH BROKEN GLASS are straight up Grindcore with no relenting except for the inclusion of the genre’s mandated movie samples, some of which are funny as hell. But alas, none of that helps out this paper thin niche of ceaseless blasting and sub-human growling. One really has to be careful here to make sure that there is a distinction made between the low-end Grind that GWBG play and the well written, far more layered movement that is also considered Grindcore played by the likes of ORIGIN and DYING FETUS. Save for the usual stomp of palm-muted, slugged out riffs, “Beaten To A Bloody Pulp” is your mile-a-second throttling that waivers little in its delivery of unruly ferocity. Yes, there are pinched harmonics and some odd moments courtesy of the intro or outros of the samples, but nothing particularly stands out from the rest even though all of the work is done in workman-like fashion.


I can understand why people may consider Death Metal off-limits if they only hear the Grindcore end of the spectrum that GWBG play as it is not only viscerally alerting (fine by me) but is shockingly repetitive. That is why I stay within the more structured mayhem of PIG DESTROYER or your typical crunching, riff laden Death Metal. Even if the meat of the songs were all the same but the band broke into some cool riffs once in a while, I may give it a pass, but no such luck. Grind of this kind just loses me in its constant tumble down the same hill.

(Online April 25, 2008)

Stephen Rafferty

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