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Terror Throne - World On Its Knees (5,5/10) - USA - 2008

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Sempiternal Productions
Playing time: 39:10
Band homepage: Terror Throne


  1. Violence
  2. World On Its Knees
  3. Heal The Wounds Of Hatred
  4. Arsenal Of Fury
  5. Scorn Of A New Day
  6. The Salvation Hoax
  7. Apocalyptic Nightmares
  8. Death Soon Followed
Terror Throne - World On Its Knees

There are some people who believe that Black Metal without misanthropy is like coke without rum (for example) – it is good as it is, but it does not nearly reach its full potential.  TERROR THRONE is a one man band from Chicago, IL, the “sonic torture” bestowed by Robert Campos, a man who I believe prefers his coke spiked to the brim with hatred of the world, humanity and their aural senses. 

This album poses a problem as to what you should focus on when trying to absorb it, do you judge it by the musical value of the album as a whole, keeping in mind the skill of the song writing and the skill portrayed by the musicians etc; or do you try to understand the big picture, the art created by the band in context with the chosen genre.

I will try to keep this short and simple; musically this album failed to create any sense of enjoyment for this listener, the little variety there are in the songs are unimaginative and nagging-ly familiar, the guitar playing is jagged and the drums sometimes seem to be off in a world of its own bashing on at breakneck speed – all with the bass left floundering around in the background.  The vocals are unintelligible, although I guess clear vocals were never on TERROR THRONE'S agenda anyway, and sometimes it sounds like the guitarist, drummer and bassist all had tracks different from the one they were playing in mind while recording this album - neat trick for a one man band.  In fact, the only memory I might have of this album is how much the first few seconds of “Violence” sound like the first few seconds of “Boris The Spider” by THE WHO. 

This album is brilliant when seen from the point of view that in the early 90’s when the Black Metal scene exploded, it was meant to be this style of music that is offensive to anyone unprepared for it and what it stood for (in other words: most of humanity).  This is Black Metal in its rawest form, nasty, noisy, disrespectful, blasphemous and above and before all, anti-christian.  By now, you should know if TERROR THRONE will be violating your ears anytime soon - A+ for Black Metal, D- for music.

(Online May 2, 2008)

Jean-Pierre du Toit

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